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George Lauder Bursary USA Scholarship

For three months from 2023 - August to November, I finally made my trip to Baltimore, USA to work as an intern at Mount Clare Museum House offering my services in 3D Design.

Whilst I was there, I was so welcomed by at least 5 different families including family friends. Along with visiting so many magical places that I have ever seen in my life!


Latest case study about me again! 

This time I was asked what my future plans were, and what I have been doing since then - I was on my course studying BA (Hons) Creative Enterprise and starting up my own business.

And of course, talking about my planned trip to America through Fife College George Lauder Bursary 2020 after all COVID-19 delays.


George lauder bursary


In January 2020, I was interviewed for a scholarship to go to America for 4 weeks to study on a course of my own choice. I am grateful to have been awarded the George Lauder Bursary USA Scholarship. This was going to be a life-changing opportunity for me but due to Covid-19, Fife College and myself was told it has been put on hold for the time being.

Since I left school, I have always dreamed about visiting the USA for a few years as during my study at Fife College I have been researching architects and their amazing buildings in the USA that I have always wanted to see. When this scholarship appeared, I knew it would be the right thing for me including in collaboration with Fife College.

More info on the link down below.


Fife college Campus Revamp

Toward to the end of my HND year at Fife College in 2019 - one of my class project was based on redesigning the existing Fife College St. Brycedale Campus Frontage.


Fife College wanted a new fresh campus that has different areas that students can socialise with others and maybe study outdoor whilst getting fresh air.

Fife college case study 2019

I was asked to do a case study about the course at fife college along with talking about my experience with them.

 They have inspired and helped me so much with my studies - my lecturers encouraged me to find my passsion in architecture & sustainability.

I was nervous talking to them even on camera but it was an amazing learning experience at Fife College.

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