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Services Available

NH3Design has skills covering design, planning, planning permissions/warrants, CAD designs, contacts of contractors and administration.

Using the most recent updated CAD programs, NH3Design can & and will produce high-quality services for every project either private or public, all of the drawings and 3D visualisations are created from more than one program depending on the client's brief.

NH3Design will also help clients on their restoration or planning journey, making sure they are ready for construction. Clients will consult with the designer to discuss what they require from various services before assisting them with researching or documenting their building.



See your property

in a digital world.



Bespoke Designs

created for you.

Barn Existing 1 of 2.jpg

CAD / 

Floor Plan

Plans and designs created from scratch as required.

Building Documentation.png

Building Documentation

Create a visual portfolio or

timeline of your property.

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