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Mount Clare Museum House


During August - November 2022: I was on an internship in Baltimore at Mount Clare Museum House. This internship has given me a chance to learn about American Heritage Buildings and how they are different from Scotland and also offer my service of digital technology in another country.


First Visit...

When I first arrived at Mount Clare, I fell in love with it! It's so beautiful inside and out, could not believe how stunning the building was, even the materials and the marble patio!

I could not wait to start the design process of this building, it was like a jigsaw puzzle when I saw the floor plans (down below). I loved looking at their floor plans as it was drawn in the 1970s and nobody has got records of them - they're all paper copies before digital!

This internship has been amazing to me as I have learnt so much about slavery, meeting my colleagues and finding out the structured timeline that dates back to the 1700s.

Front View
Original Front View
1st Floor
Attic Space (3rd Floor)
2nd Floor

Welcome Gifts

When I arrived with my colleagues - they were the be, I was given a bag with all Mount Clare merchandise in it, including a book all about Mount Clare with floor plans in it. This book has been the most helpful source to help me design each of the buildings from each timeline.

Also, the best part is that I got two Mount Clare mugs as I am a coffee drinker and beautiful Christmas ornaments!


Design Process...

The design process of multiple buildings took me a while to get through as it again was like a jigsaw puzzle. Each of these timeline dates has got all the rooms moved and some were added and taken away - if I remembered correctly that one of the years, there was a fire involved that demolished half of the building. The history goes on....

To do each of these designs, I roughly took 2 days per design. Depends on how the floor plans are.


Final Preparations


Preparing for the open day was fun, we had so much to do - for example, we had to get the panel's measurement right and printed properly. It was a bit of a struggle to get this done because there were not many printing companies doing panels - we had to get them customised. BUT we got there - it was all installed the day before the open day. AKA Tight timing!


This video was so important for the open day as my colleagues have been waiting for the right person to come along and volunteer to create digital visualisation of what Mount Clare looked like. They wanted me to have something amazing to be presented on a TV at the house for the open day.

The open day was a success because it was also part of the Inaugural Maryland Emancipation Day Festival at Mount Clare, Carroll Park Baltimore.

I was honoured to create a timeline video for Mount Clare to show the world its history and to have it for their re-grand opening day since COVID-19. 

This video shows all six different timelines from multiple years along with examples of what slave cabins look like - Mount Clare has got no records of the slave cabins - we have got records of slaves and servants in the archives.

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