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Fife College Campus Frontage

Kirkcaldy, KY1 1EX

Toward to the end of my HND year at Fife College in 2019 - one of my class project was based on redesigning the existing Fife College St. Brycedale Campus Frontage.


Fife College wanted a new fresh campus that has different areas that students can socialise with others and maybe study outdoor whilst getting fresh air.



In 2018/19 Our task as a class was to come up with a new design for the frontage of Kirkcaldy Fife Campus. We were asked to come up with a design that will students to socialise with each other outside or take part of classes outside whilst getting a fresh air.


The design brief was very strict, it must be have the logo branding & colours throughout the design. One of the task in this project is to have a building regulation with fire exits and zones, sunrise & sunset, shade etc - it was very important to Fife College to keep the students safe and wellbeing.


Final Visualisations & 3D Model

For this specific project, we were told that we had 4 weeks to get this project done. We were asked to have a minimum of 4 visuals, a fully completed model and a speech to present to proper clients whom were using it for the revamp in real life.


At the end of our project deadline, we were told that one of the design was chosen to win with the votes from the students and staff at Fife College.

I was not expecting that at all, my design was chosen and the construction started in summer of 2019. 


My design became a reality in September 2019, just in time for my graduation!

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